A family-owned turkey farm in Wyckoff has sold 9,000 turkeys just in time for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Eve is a big deal for the Goffle Road Poultry Farm in Wyckoff, New Jersey – they compare it to the Super Bowl. This family-owned farm has been a go-to spot for turkeys since 1928, serving thousands of families across the state. For many, visiting the farm has become a cherished tradition. A a … Read more

Over 55 million Americans are gearing up to hit the road for Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving, a whopping 55.4 million folks are gearing up for travel adventures, a 2.3% increase from last year, making it the third-highest travel season since AAA started keeping tabs in 2000. Paula Twidale, Senior VP of AAA Travel, shared, “Thanksgiving and travel are like a dynamic duo for many Americans. This year, the urge … Read more

Thanksgiving side dishes that Americans hate the most

Thanksgiving hated dishes

Ah, Thanksgiving—the time when debates about politics take a back seat, and the real battle begins: the war of side dishes. We’re talking intense opinions, folks. So, a couple of years back, Instacart and the Harris Poll did a deep dive, surveying 2,000 Americans about their holiday food likes and dislikes. The verdict? Some sides … Read more