FSG might want to rethink their stance on Liverpool, especially after differing with Chelsea and Man City

During the recent international break, Everton, Liverpool’s local rival, faced a setback with a 10-point deduction for violating the Premier League’s financial rules. Everton plans to appeal this decision, and as they gear up to face Manchester United on Sunday, there are talks of fans expressing their discontent with signs accusing the Premier League of being ‘corrupt’.

What makes this situation more intriguing is that Everton voted against a proposal to halt a contentious practice at a recent league meeting. The proposal aimed to temporarily ban ‘related-party loans,’ which involve transfers between teams with shared owners. Despite 12 teams supporting the motion, it fell short of the required 14 votes to pass.

It’s important to note that if such deals occur in January, they would be within the rules. However, the ethical aspect of sporting integrity comes into question when deals involve clubs with interconnected ownership.

Interestingly, five of the eight clubs opposing the proposal are already part of official (Manchester City and Sheffield United) or unofficial (Chelsea, Newcastle, and Nottingham Forest) multi-club networks. Additionally, Burnley is reportedly exploring potential partner clubs, and Everton’s prospective owners, 777 Partners, already control teams like Genoa in Italy and Standard Liege in Belgium.

This situation poses a decision for Liverpool’s owner, FSG. They must choose whether to stick to their current stance or recognize the changing landscape and actively seek other clubs to add to their portfolio. Delaying this decision might result in missed opportunities for talent development and revenue, putting them behind competitors in the evolving football landscape.

While it might seem cynical, there’s a practical aspect to considering that if you can’t beat them, maybe it’s time to join them. Acknowledging the changing dynamics in football could be crucial for Liverpool’s long-term success.

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