The Insta360 Ace Pro Action Cam could be the go-to for killer low-light videos


Check this out – Insta360, the folks known for their 360-degree cameras and cool AI features, are shaking things up with their new action cameras, the Insta360 Ace series. No cookie-cutter stuff here! They’ve got two models – the Ace Pro at $450 and the more budget-friendly Ace at $380. What sets them apart? Well, … Read more

Earth just got a laser message from a whopping 16 million kilometers away

laser message

NASA just pulled off an incredible feat in space communication! A deep space experiment aboard NASA’s Psyche spacecraft beamed a laser message all the way from beyond the Moon for the first time ever. That’s like 16 million kilometers away – about 40 times farther than the Moon! This game-changing moment was brought to us … Read more

Fresh scoop on the rumored leading lady in ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’

gta 6

More deets about the rumored leading lady in Grand Theft Auto VI have surfaced, thanks to Rockstar Universe. Word on the digital street is our female protagonist is Lucia, and get this – she’s a mom! Yeah, you heard it right. Lucia’s got a kiddo who’s set to spice up the game’s storyline. Juicy details … Read more

Elon Musk’s Starship rocket is getting ready for its second trip into the sky

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is gearing up for another attempt at launching his colossal new rocket, Starship. The first try in April didn’t go as planned, with the rocket losing control and exploding in a spectacular fashion just four minutes after takeoff in Texas. Now, SpaceX engineers have implemented “more than a thousand” changes to improve Starship’s … Read more

ATCC Sends Microbial Experiment to the Space Station


Hey science enthusiasts! ATCC, the awesome biological materials management and standards organization, just made history by sending their product, MSA-2003-ISS, to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard SpaceX CRS-29 Cargo Dragon Resupply Craft on November 9th! 🚀 ATCC Products to be Used in Microgravity Experiments on the International Space Station — Latest News … Read more