Fresh scoop on the rumored leading lady in ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’

gta 6

More deets about the rumored leading lady in Grand Theft Auto VI have surfaced, thanks to Rockstar Universe. Word on the digital street is our female protagonist is Lucia, and get this – she’s a mom! Yeah, you heard it right. Lucia’s got a kiddo who’s set to spice up the game’s storyline. Juicy details … Read more

Ketamine’s Rising Prescription Spark Concerns a Crisis in US

ketamine Prescription

As doctors in the United States reduce opioid prescriptions, ketamine, once a surgical drug, is gaining popularity as a treatment for pain, anxiety, and depression. However, the surge in ketamine prescriptions is raising concerns about a potential repeat of the opioid crisis. The generic drug, easily accessible and inexpensive, is being offered by for-profit clinics … Read more

Nintendo get a chance to snag a slice of the past with their Super Mario RPG copy set to launch

Super Mario

Nintendo has been delving into remakes lately, tapping into beloved classics to tug at the heartstrings of gamers. The revamped edition of Mario’s inaugural RPG escapade is at the forefront of this trend, sparking anticipation among fans. While some players are yearning for a sequel to Super Mario RPG, they’ll have to make do with … Read more