Islanders VR Edition just got a cool update

With Islanders VR Edition now you can create your dream cities right from the cozy confines of your home using your Quest headset.

This VR game, released early in 2023, was all about the zen of building cities on picturesque islands. And guess what? A mixed-reality update just dropped, making it even more awesome. Now, you can seamlessly blend your virtual city into the real world, thanks to the new pass-through feature on the Quest 3 headset. How cool is that?

The creative minds at Coatsink studio, John Peart and Richard Ashby, spilled the beans on the three-month effort they put into making this mixed-reality magic happen. According to them, they’ve been dreaming about this update from the get-go. Ashby even likened the feeling of playing in mixed reality to crafting a world out of LEGO bricks – talk about nostalgia!

In case you’re new to Islanders, it hit the gaming scene back in 2019 on regular screens. What sets it apart from other city builders is that it’s all about freedom – no rigid rules here! You get a bag of buildings, a limited inventory, and the whole island to play with. Score points, unlock new islands, and let your creativity run wild.

So, if you’ve got a Quest headset, it’s time to dive into this mixed-reality city-building adventure. Check out the demo and get ready to bring your virtual island paradise to life in your very own living room! 🏝️✨

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