“Godzilla Minus One” another monster movie with human touch

Godzilla Minus One

“Godzilla Minus One” is a blockbuster film that brings back the charm of classic monster movies, and it’s a refreshing departure from the typical Hollywood fare. Made by Japan’s Toho Studios, this latest addition to the Godzilla saga is a grounded and well-crafted experience, delivering both on human storytelling and the giant monster spectacle. The … Read more

Von Miller’s pregnant girlfriend alleges he pushed her and put his hands on her neck

Von Miller

Buffalo Bills edge rusher Von Miller is currently out on bond following an incident involving his pregnant girlfriend at their home in Dallas. According to the Dallas Police, they responded to a disturbance on November 29, where Miller was accused of assaulting his girlfriend during an argument. The argument reportedly started over travel plans, and … Read more

Over 55 million Americans are gearing up to hit the road for Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving, a whopping 55.4 million folks are gearing up for travel adventures, a 2.3% increase from last year, making it the third-highest travel season since AAA started keeping tabs in 2000. Paula Twidale, Senior VP of AAA Travel, shared, “Thanksgiving and travel are like a dynamic duo for many Americans. This year, the urge … Read more

Thanksgiving side dishes that Americans hate the most

Thanksgiving hated dishes

Ah, Thanksgiving—the time when debates about politics take a back seat, and the real battle begins: the war of side dishes. We’re talking intense opinions, folks. So, a couple of years back, Instacart and the Harris Poll did a deep dive, surveying 2,000 Americans about their holiday food likes and dislikes. The verdict? Some sides … Read more