Fresh scoop on the rumored leading lady in ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’

More deets about the rumored leading lady in Grand Theft Auto VI have surfaced, thanks to Rockstar Universe.

Word on the digital street is our female protagonist is Lucia, and get this – she’s a mom! Yeah, you heard it right. Lucia’s got a kiddo who’s set to spice up the game’s storyline. Juicy details about the little one, like age and gender, are still under wraps, keeping us on the edge of our seats. Lucia’s not flying solo in this game; there’s another lead, a dude named Jason. No word on their dynamic yet, but earlier whispers hinted at a potential romance brewing.

Rockstar Games, staying true to their mysterious selves, hasn’t spilled the beans officially. But, hey, the Grand Theft Auto VI announcement just dropped less than a week ago, and the studio’s promising a trailer in December. Brace yourselves – it’s been a decade since we got a fresh slice of GTA action. The hype is real!

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