I’m super excited for Apple to drop a smart ring

There’s a rising trend in the world of wearable tech – smart jewelry, and more specifically, smart rings. The Oura Ring is one such player in this game, although it has a downside – you need a premium subscription to unlock its juicy data. Now, imagine if Apple decided to dip its toes into the smart ring market.

Apple has been playing with the idea since around 2019, as suggested by patents for an “electronic ring computing device.” Initial whispers hint at something like a mini Apple Watch – a tiny touchscreen, haptic feedback, the whole shebang.

However, newer patents suggest Apple’s smart ring might have different tricks up its sleeve, potentially tying into the mixed reality realm with features like a gesture input system and interface control for various devices. There’s even talk of delivering Apple Watch-like haptic notifications straight to your finger.

Now, let’s address a real-life woe. Apple Watch, for all its glory, can be a bit chunky for some folks, especially when it comes to catching those Z’s. Enter the smart ring, a more minimal option. The writer here swears by their Oura Ring for sleep tracking, but gripes about its masculine design. Enter Apple, known for its style game, especially with the Hermès partnership for the Apple Watch.

But wait, the patents aren’t just about rings; they could extend to other forms of smart jewelry like necklaces and bracelets. Imagine the possibilities!

What could make an Apple smart ring a game-changer? Integration with the Fitness or Health app, sans subscription. Unlike some competitors, Apple might just save you from shelling out extra cash for valuable health data.

Now, let’s be real – these patents don’t guarantee a product. But hey, the Apple Watch wasn’t the first fitness tracker, and look where it took us. Fingers crossed, we might see a day when you can slip on an Apple smart ring, forget about the screen, and just enjoy the tech magic.

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