Travis Kelce Date Night with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are spreading their date night magic across the globe! The two-time Super Bowl champ, Travis, 34, was absolutely “beaming” as a crowd cheered for them in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Yep, that’s right—Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce together in Argentina!

They left a date night at the Four Seasons Hotel, and here’s the adorable scoop: Travis, Taylor, and even Taylor’s dad, Scott Kingsley Swift, were all there. The trio looked so cute on their low-key date night that they even left holding hands! 🥰

Travis, who’s currently enjoying a bye week from the Kansas City Chiefs, hinted on his podcast, “New Heights,” that he might take advantage of the break. He said, “I might just say, ‘f– it’ and just go somewhere nice, I don’t know… My skin’s getting real pale so I gotta go somewhere sunny.” His big bro, Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles, got curious and asked if it’s “somewhere south,” and Travis spilled the beans, mentioning it’s “closer to the equator.” South of the equator, anyone? 🌞

And get this—toward the end of October, word on the street (well, Entertainment Tonight) was that this couple is “all in” and “planning for the future.” Travis making time for Taylor during his bye week is all part of their awesome plans, showing support for each other like the true power couple they are!

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