WWE Ignores Bringing Up Nikki Bella on the 11/13 Monday Night Raw

So, WWE seems to be playing a bit of hide and seek with mentions of Nikki Bella lately. You know, the Hall of Famer who spent quite a chunk of time in the wrestling ring? Yeah, her. Well, during the latest Monday Night Raw, something odd happened. Michael Cole was hyping up another show, Barmageddon, set to air on the USA Network, and here’s the kicker – he totally skipped mentioning Nikki Bella.

Now, this caught the attention of some eagle-eyed fans because, let’s be real, it’s not the usual WWE style. Typically, they’d be all about hyping up Nikki Bella, especially if she’s involved in another show. But nope, this time, it was all about Blake Shelton as the host, and Nikki was left out of the promo.

Now, Nikki Bella’s relationship with WWE hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies, especially after her contract drama. WWE owns the trademark for the “Bella” name, so Nikki had to let that go. Plus, there were some reported clashes as both Nikki and her sister Brie wrapped up their contracts. Nikki didn’t shy away from expressing her concerns about how WWE treated its women wrestlers. In response, WWE has been trying to up their game in how they handle and promote female talent.

Fast forward to March of this year, and Nikki and Brie Bella officially bid farewell to their WWE contracts. Now they go by their real last name, “Garcia,” for all their adventures outside the wrestling world. So, it seems like WWE might be holding back on shouting out Nikki Bella lately, and fans are definitely taking notice. Drama in and out of the ring, as per usual!

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