Did Adele just spill the beans about tying the knot with Rich Paul?

Adele and Rich Paul might have just sealed the deal on marriage! Rumors have been buzzing for a while about these two lovebirds tying the knot, especially after Adele dropped the “my husband” bomb during her Las Vegas show last September.

Here’s the scoop: Alan Carr, Adele’s good pal and a British comedian, hosted a super cozy stand-up gig in the U.S. for about 75 lucky souls. According to the grapevine (thanks to Deuxmoi), during the show, Carr casually asked if anyone had recently gotten hitched. And guess who shouted, “I did!” Yep, you got it—Adele herself spilled the beans.

Adele and Rich Paul go way back. They first crossed paths at a party, but it wasn’t until 2021 that they decided to give romance a shot. This was a couple of years after Adele called it quits with her ex-husband, Simon Konecki, with whom she shares a son. Adele spilled the beans about Rich in a Vogue interview last year, gushing about how he just waltzed into her life, bringing all the feels of safety and comfort. No more anxiety or frazzled nerves—just wild, pure love.

These lovebirds often grace basketball courts on their date nights, cheering on LeBron James, Paul’s big-shot client on the L.A. Lakers. But it’s not a one-way street—Paul has been Adele’s biggest fan too. They even rocked the Grammys together earlier this year, where Adele snagged the best pop solo performance award for “Easy on Me.” And here’s the kicker: Adele sported a diamond ring on her left hand at the event, sending the rumor mill into overdrive. Fast forward to last month, she posts on Instagram holding Paul’s memoir, complete with yet another diamond ring on that oh-so-important wedding finger.

So, are they or aren’t they? Well, it sure sounds like Adele might be belting out love songs as Mrs. Paul these days! 🎤💍

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